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Ask a local jeweler to act as a sponsor and donate a precious jewel. Then find some cheap plastic or glass jewels that look similar and mix them all together into a bowl. This works best if you run pre-sales so that the real gem doesn’t surface early and end sales. Plinko is a great visual way for people to play a game of chance. This works especially well if you have a big gap in the worth of the prizes. You can have multiple cards with small raffle prizes prepped so that people can keep playing after someone wins.
You might be surprised by how generous parents can be around the holidays. On the night of the symphony, have ushers and ticket sellers help set up the venue and make the evening as smooth as possible. As an alternative, ask your Sunday school class to craft and sell the ornaments for an especially adorable ornament sale. Much like a jar guessing game, a balloon count involves participants paying to guess how many balloons are stuffed into a car. The person who comes the closest to guessing the right number wins a prize of the pastor’s choosing.
Hold a simple festival with grilled (veggie) dogs, beer sales, and the cutest dog competition known to man. Especially in support of those who feel targeted or othered, this time of awareness is crucial. Raise on behalf of a lifeline organization or highlight the lifesaving work in your September communications. Offer a badge, patch, or pin to commemorate your sport and your gathering of the minds. Use International Friendship Day to invite your supporter to make a donation in honor of that special person. In conclusion, a successful fire department donation request can make a lasting impact on both fire departments and the communities they serve.
Platforms like eCardWidget come ready for you to upload eCard to your site or Shopify store for your supporters to send each other notes easily. With Fundly’s low fees, great support, and variety of customization options, you can begin collecting funds today. For example, if your donor base tends to skew towards an older demographic, you might appeal to them with a direct mail or fundraising letter campaign. By contrast, Millennials and Generation Z overwhelmingly prefer to communicate and give online, making a crowdfunding campaign or other digital fundraising choice ideal. Use as Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas or as many ideas as you like to inspire your sales team. Organizing and planning a color run fundraiser from start to finish is seamless when powered by our software for crowdfunding events.
Instead, potluck dinners bring to life an old tradition that has people getting together and sharing food without putting a costly burden on the host. Ask guests to each bring either an appetizer, main course, salad, side dish, dessert, fruit platter, or a cheese and cracker tray or other hors d’oeuvres. This makes for an eclectic meal, especially if people from a variety of cultures are attending. Action words like “help,” “support,” “fund,” and “grow,” can help prompt potential donors to donate. This can look something like “Support the Bolton Family after their loss” or “Help my new coffee business grow”. An action word (or verb) expresses something that a person can do.
For someone coming in to your department with no experience, that is even more critical. Raffle prize ideas can include new sofas, dining tables and chairs, lamps, beds, and mattresses – the list is endless. This is a unique charity raffle prize that is sure to draw in the crowds. Count on professional fundraiser flyer templates, quality printing, low prices, and superb customer support from Eventgroove, formerly As a nonprofit professional, you are juggling any number of tasks on a given day — trying to keep your nonprofit afloat and serve as many beneficiaries as possible.
Have participants have all their recyclable cans and bottles and have a place for them to drop off the items. You could even have departments compete to see how many cans and bottles they can recycle in a week. To go above and beyond with this fundraiser, have dinner delivered to the attendees’ homes so they can enjoy it during the virtual party. This gives your supporters the chance to try something new and donate to your cause.
An event with a complexity of ++++ needs multiple months of preparation. This can vary widely, but a rating of ★ indicates that it might raise a few dozen dollars, like a lemonade stand, while a rating of ★★★★ means that it could raise upwards of $10,000. The Harwood Fire Company is just one of thousands of underfunded volunteer fire departments or companies in North America doing whatever it takes to fund their own operation.
Do some research and look for grants in your area that you might qualify for. The shirts can be customized with a phrase or picture to make them truly unique. Selling t-shirts or other merchandise can be a great way to remember your loved one and raise some extra money. These shirts, hats, or other pieces of merchandise can be worn during another fundraising event, like a run or walk, or at a memorial service.